Chakra Sona Masoori Rice, 5kg

Chakra Sona Masoori Rice (Parboiled), 5kg

Chakra Sona Masoori Rice (Parboiled), 5kg

Sona Masoori rice, also known as Sona Masuri, is a high-quality, medium-grain rice predominantly cultivated in Andra Pradesh and Karnataka, the southern states of India. This white rice variety is lightweight, aromatic, and has a slightly starchy texture, requiring rinsing before cooking. Sona Masoori rice is favored for its lower starch content compared to Basmati rice, making it a healthier and easier-to-digest choice. Chakra, a renowned brand for Indian Groceries, Spices, and Rice, offers a premium selection of Sona Masoori rice and other authentic products.
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Sona Masoori rice, also known as Sona Masuri is a white, medium-grain rice, grown in the southern states of India, mainly in Andra Pradesh and Karnataka.
Sona Masuri is considered the pride of Andhra Pradesh and symbolizes Andhra cuisine. Sona Masoori Grain is strong and doesnt easy turn to mush due to its high fibre contents. Sona Masoori Rice is lightweight, aromatic and is a premium quality rice. Sona masoori is a bit starchy and needs to be rinsed before cooking.
Sona Masoori Rice contains lower starch than Basmati rice and is considered as healthy, easier to digest

Sona Masuri rice is best suited to prepare pulihora/chitrannam/pulao type preparations, as well as well suitaed as accompaniment to Dal (pappu), Sambar, Rasam and Yogurt. Traditionally, Sona Masuri rice is served with dal and ghee, mixed together and served with along with Rice or Sabudana papad.

Notes about Chakra Sona Masoori Rice

  • Cooking Sona Masuri is simple, and straight forward. Either, pressure cooker, rice cooker or stove-top in a pan works fine. Add one cup of rice with three cups of water.  There's no need to soak before cooking. 
  • Since Sona Masoori Rice contains lower starch than Basmati rice, it is easier to digest and considered to be more healthy rice in Southern India.
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