Chakra Puttu flour (Red), 1kg

Chakra Puttu flour (Red), 1kg

Chakra Puttu flour (Red), 1kg

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Puttu is a popular breakfast dish from Kerala made with rice flour and coconut. It is steamed in fresh banana leaves, giving it a unique flavor. Chakra Red Puttupodi, a fluffy rice flour mix made from red rice, is perfect for making Puttu. Typically, Puttu is served with bananas, sugar, and Kadala curry, a black chickpea curry commonly enjoyed in Kerala.

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Puttu is a beloved breakfast dish hailing from the vibrant state of Kerala in South India. It consists of a simple yet delightful combination of rice flour and coconut. The magic of this dish lies in its traditional preparation method - the mixture of rice flour and coconut is carefully steamed in fresh banana leaves. This infuses the Puttu with a distinct and enticing flavor, evoking memories of a traditional Kerala breakfast.

To enhance the flavor and texture of your Puttu, try using Chakra Red Puttupodi. This special rice flour mix is prepared from red rice, which not only adds an appealing red hue to the dish but also lends a unique depth of flavor. The result is a fluffy and delicious Puttu that will leave you craving for more.

A traditional serving of Puttu is incomplete without its accompaniments. Sliced bananas, sprinkled with sugar, provide a hint of sweetness that beautifully complements the subtlety of the rice and coconut flavors. And what better way to complete the ensemble than with a side of Kadala curry - a delightful black chickpea curry that is famous in Kerala. The combination of the soft and steamed Puttu, the sweet bananas, and the spicy Kadala curry creates a breakfast experience that is unmatched in its harmony of flavors. Indulge in the authentic taste of Kerala breakfast with the perfect pairing of Puttu, Chakra Red Puttupodi, and the delicious accompaniments.

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